Chocolate Protein Pancakes

Following the success of the first ‘Season of Indulgence’ Chocolate Protein Granola recipe. I’ve decided to bring you a delicious recipe every Saturday throughout December. This week I’m sharing my favourite breakfast treat: Chocolate Protein Pancakes. If you love a fluffy ‘American-style’ pancake but haven’t mastered the recipe, then look no further. These are aContinue reading “Chocolate Protein Pancakes”

Guilt-free Chocolate Granola

As the festival of indulgence (Christmas) commences I thought I would bring you a series of blogs to help you keep on track with losing the lard. Although those Lindt reindeers might be tempting for breakfast, this chocolate granola will be sure to keep those cravings at bay. Ingredients: 150g mixed nuts and fruit 250gContinue reading “Guilt-free Chocolate Granola”