All opinions stated on Lose The Lard are my own (Sammy Husselbury). This site has been created based on honesty and providing my following with information on products for enjoyment and insight. It is important to note that everybody is entitled to their own opinion and my product reviews might not mean someone else has a similar experience. I do not wish to offend or insult anybody by what I write concerning any of the products, I just wish to share my experience. 


The primary aim of Lose The Lard is to be a site of credible and trustworthy information on fitness products. It is a platform I wish for my readers to trust and know that these reviews are not based on financial gain. The primary principle is to have constructive and insightful reviews on fitness products with thorough explanations for my reasoning behind the review. I intend for my following to not waste their money on products that simply do not work and to help cut through the heavily saturated fitness product market. 

Affiliates and Gifts

This site will utilise several affiliate commission services to earn a percentage of commission on product sales. The buyer and reader will incur no additional cost but a commission will be earned on any products sold using the affiliate link. Of course, abiding by UK laws I will disclose and declare all affiliate links so my readers are aware within each blog post. The products will be fully tried and tested before an affiliation is used, to maintain complete honesty and transparency. 

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