Chocolate Protein Pancakes

Following the success of the first ‘Season of Indulgence’ Chocolate Protein Granola recipe. I’ve decided to bring you a delicious recipe every Saturday throughout December. This week I’m sharing my favourite breakfast treat: Chocolate Protein Pancakes. If you love a fluffy ‘American-style’ pancake but haven’t mastered the recipe, then look no further. These are aContinue reading “Chocolate Protein Pancakes”

12 Days of Fitness Advent Challenge

Happy December 1st!  As a festive holiday lover, I’m so excited to be final counting down the days to Christmas. Although I’m aware that for many of us this is going to be a totally different occasion to the ones we have previously enjoyed.  Alas, with the festival of indulgence upon us I am relievedContinue reading “12 Days of Fitness Advent Challenge”

The danger of inflammation and how to counter it

Inflammation is the bodies response to a perceived injury or infection and is most commonly a very healthy response from your body. However, this immune response sometimes occurs when it ought not to when stimulated by: toxins in the body chronic stress obesity autoimmune disorders Instead of helping the body heal, if these triggers persist,Continue reading “The danger of inflammation and how to counter it”

Guilt-free Chocolate Granola

As the festival of indulgence (Christmas) commences I thought I would bring you a series of blogs to help you keep on track with losing the lard. Although those Lindt reindeers might be tempting for breakfast, this chocolate granola will be sure to keep those cravings at bay. Ingredients: 150g mixed nuts and fruit 250gContinue reading “Guilt-free Chocolate Granola”

How to relieve aching muscles – The best massage gun

We all know the difficulties that can arise when attempting to lose the lard and get in shape but there is nothing that will make you want to give up more than having muscle aches and pains. When your body just feels like it has had enough but you want to keep going! Don’t worryContinue reading “How to relieve aching muscles – The best massage gun”

Top Tips On How To Get Abs

Are you tired of hearing these miracle workouts that will give you abs in 2 weeks?  Are you looking for something that really works? Here are 2 top tips to get you on your way to losing the lard and getting ripped: 1. Start in the kitchen Your diet is the key to perfecting yourContinue reading “Top Tips On How To Get Abs”

Welcome to Lose The Lard!

Hey there, Are you tired of wasting money on fitness and health products that just do not work? Me too! The fitness and health market has become so overly saturated with products and influencers, that it can be really difficult to know who to trust and who is just selling a product to earn aContinue reading “Welcome to Lose The Lard!”