Chocolate Protein Pancakes

Following the success of the first ‘Season of Indulgence’ Chocolate Protein Granola recipe. I’ve decided to bring you a delicious recipe every Saturday throughout December. This week I’m sharing my favourite breakfast treat: Chocolate Protein Pancakes. If you love a fluffy ‘American-style’ pancake but haven’t mastered the recipe, then look no further. These are a fantastic ‘healthier’ alternative to traditional pancakes and the process is so simple that you can be sure to master the perfect fluffy pancake every time.

Servings: 2


1 x Scoop of Chocolate Protein Powder

2 x Bananas

2 x Medium Eggs

4og Oats

1/2 Teaspoon of Bicarbonate of Soda

A Few Drops of Vanilla Essence

  1. Mix ingredients all together in a blender – NutriBullet works fantastically
  2. Cook on a medium to high heat in a well-greased frying pan until pancakes are browned and fluffy!

Sliced Banana





Cacao Nibs

Agave Syrup

Nut Butter

Sweet Freedom Choc Shot

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