Welcome to Lose The Lard!

Hey there,

Are you tired of wasting money on fitness and health products that just do not work?

Me too!

The fitness and health market has become so overly saturated with products and influencers, that it can be really difficult to know who to trust and who is just selling a product to earn a little extra money on the side without having even tried it.

Why I started Lose The Lard

My primary goal for Lose The Lard is to provide my following with honest reviews on a variety of fitness and health products to ensure you do not waste your money again and genuinely hit your goals to get in shape.

What will feature in my posts

Reviews on products ranging from health supplements to weights, workout guides to fitness clothing, nutrition plans to fitness videos, and so much more. Lose The Lard will feature the best products I can find on the market to ensure you hit your goals and feel body confident.


If you have any products you would like me to review then please do get in touch with me by leaving a comment on this post.

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